Join master Blacksmith Pete Mattila and a guest Blacksmith to forge your very own keepsake metal swan feather. The on-site forge is one of the oldest in Australia, reignited especially for ECHO Festival 2023!

Pete Mattila

Trained as an industrial blacksmith and welder, Pete Mattila’s work celebrates complex histories, in art, craft and design as well as in industrial expression.
“The Meaning of the pieces I produce is, for me, inextricably entwined with process, material, physical engagement, and technical ability. It is only through open-ended activity that new works can emerge. The way I view my work is like a continuous thread in a larger fabric. I am a maker; what I am making is new to me. I am not viewing it from the outside, I am viewing it from the inside. My conceptual framework comes from that act of doing, making, thinking. I make objects out of steel. Each new moment emerges from its history and could not be arrived at without it. In this way, the object is
continually emerging. To me, they are not resolved static things: within each is a growth of understanding.”
—Pete Mattila
Native bounty feast


Chilled with saltbush crunch

Wallaby lahmajun

Grilled flatbreads with wallaby, tomato and herb filling

Sea parsley tabouli

Parsley and onion salad with lemon, using
east coast sea parsley

Vegan, GF


Whipped Tassie garlic dip

Vegetarian, GF

Fire roasted lamb shoulder

With fragrant green herbs and garlic


Warrigal zhoug

Warrigal greens and chilli condiment

Vegan, GF

Fire roasted pumpkins

With tahini yoghurt and toasted pepitas

Vegetarian, GF

(Vegetarian option)

Walnut and garlic stuffed roasted beetroot

Vegan, GF

Kunzea knafeh

Pastry with kunzea custard filling and sugar


Seafood brunch platter

Abalone fried rice

With local greens, egg and herbs


Cray cakes

With dill and lemon mayo



And spicy tomato dressing


Squid skewers

With saltbush and pepperberry


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